Dynamic Learning Services Code of Practice

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  • Dynamic Learning Services (DLS) will deliver to students an experience of the highest educational standards, with qualified and experienced trainer and assessors and support staff.
  • DLS marketing materials provide current information for our clients and our students. NO misleading information is intentionally included.
  • DLS has in place policies and procedures to address any issues that may arise during the provision of training.
  • DLS will ensure that all legislative and regulatory requirements are included in relevant operations of the business and ensure a high level of compliance is maintained and continually improved upon.
  • DLS guarantees its financial future and growth to support the future education of our clients and students.
  • DLS is committed to creating a thriving and sustainable organisation. We accept the challenge of creating a sustainable environment and encourage our staff, clients, and students of education to practice environmental sustainability in the workplace.
  • DLS will treat all information obtained through all engagement activities as confidential.
  • DLS staff will undertake their responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner and will be objective, independent and constructive.
  • DLS will provide language, literacy, and numeracy assistance to each of their students who may require such assistance.
  • DLS Support Services includes close and detailed management of each students learning experience through consultation and reporting.
  • DLS promotes inclusive learning and provides equitable access to all its students.

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